Uploading a GPS File

In order to upload a video you must also have a GPS file which provides the locational information for the video. This file is automatically generated in many cameras.
Now because some of the video files can be very large, it is easiest if you first upload the GPS file and then the videos.

If you want to want to upload a single GPS file and its accompanying video you may. Another option is to combine your GPS files into a single zip file. A single zip file is treated as a single route. This means that you can upload all your GPS files together that will show the overall route and then in the background upload the video files one by one or in multiples in the background. The system will automatically sync them together provided the GPS files and the video files have the same name.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Click on the menu icon  and click on the link Upload Files. Then select upload a GPS . You can upload files in any order you wish.

Step 2. A secial upload window will now open. If it is blocked by your browser's popup blocker you will need to allow this site to launch popups.

Step 3. Drag your files into the upload area. At the moment the following files types are allowed: Archived (zip), Individual GPS Files with extensions (gps, gpx, nmea ). When you are ready, press start.

Once the files have begun to upload you must keep the window open which will close when all the processing is complete. But in the mean time you can continue to use the site.