Uploading a Video File

Uploading a video file is straight forward. However you need to be aware that some of the video files can be very large and may take a long time to upload if your internet connection bandwidth is not sufficient. In order to cater for this a separate window is provided that will upload the files in the background, even if you close your browser.

It makes no sense to zip the video files as they are already compressed. It is easier to just drag the individual video files you want to upload dialogue box. The system will automatically sync the video and GPS files together provided the GPS files and the video files have the same name.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Click on the menu icon  and click on the link Upload Files. Then select upload a Video . You can upload files in any order you wish.

Step 2. A special upload window will now open. If it is blocked by your browser's popup blocker you will need to allow this site to launch popups.

Step 3. Drag your files into the upload area. Currently, the following files types are allowed: Archived (zip), Individual Video Files(mp4, mov, avi ). When you are ready, press start.

Once the files have begun to upload you must keep the window open. It will close when all the processing is complete but in the mean time you can continue to use the site.